Plot Summary

The narrator of the story is a renter who tries to prove that he is sane and not crazy because his land lord has one dead eye and is haunted by it - so he feels he has to kill him and does by silenty going into his room with strategy, kills him and conceals him under the floor boards of his room. The police come over to the house because they got a report from the neighbor saying that they heard a shrieking so they checked it out and the narrator had them fooled into thinking that everything was normal and end up having a pleasant conversation with the narrator in his room. The narrator however begins to hear the beating heart of the dead man underneath the floorboards and tries to talk louder to drown out the beating but it only gets louder, the renter is the one that can hear it out of guilt and the policaman are just sitting there laughing and having a good time. Until the renter can't take the noise anymore and goes crazy and confesses to killing him by ripping off the floorboards and showing the beating of his heart.

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