I wasn't ever interested in the genres science fiction, fantasty, or horror. But my english class changed my perspectives on it just a little bit since it's of the units for the class. I read Edgar Allen Poe's "A Tell-Tale Heart" as a reading assignment and the story just sucked me in. I could feel the emotions and visualize what the characters looked like and what they were doing.  I had read some of Poe's work in high school but didn't care much for it because it was so dark and something I wasn't interested in. But now this certain piece of work of his appealed to me just because it was fun to read and at one point had my heart racing a bit because of what was going on within the story. I especially chose this topic because the narrator is trying to prove they aren't insane and I like reading things that has to do with psychology just because I want to try and see what they are talking about and what's going through their minds and what they see.

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